What to Eat (Vegan & Raw)

A number of people often ask me “What can vegans eat to stay healthy” Here is a quick breakdown of what I eat.

Breakfast: I usually start my morning with a large glass of lemon water. I add the juice of IMG_1788half a lemon into filtered or mineral water. This helps to alkalize my body and cleanse my system. Up until a few months ago I used to drink a green smoothie almost every morning (see recipes in my recipe book “Eat for Beauty”). It was like a ritual. I think I was just so overwhelmed by the positive effects I was seeing on my body. Some of which were: glowing clear skin, increased energy & mental clarity. I also love having it because it keeps me full until noon or 1pm so it stops me reaching for unhealthy snacks when I am out and about. More recently, I have started to alternate between smoothies and eating large fruit bowls with coconut kefir yogurt (see recipe in my recipe book). I love fruit bowls in the morning because it’s easy to make and so delicious. All you do is chop any fruit you like into a bowl, I love adding bananas, apples, oranges, pears & berries when they are in season and add kefir yogurt or cashew cream. I also occasionally eat buckwheat granola with nut milk or berry jam. This is another wonderful breakfast or snack, but I don’t have this every day. I love fruits, smoothies and vegetable juices (i.e. carrot juice) for breakfast because my body is in cleansing mode until noon so it’s better to eat easy digestible foods.

Lunch: I usually try to eat as much raw as possible during lunch and also stay hydrated withIMG_5945 clean water.  My lunches always vary, but for most days I eat an all raw fruit lunch. Banana, apples, dates, mango, persimmon or whatever rocks my boat at the time. Organic is always best when available. I also sometimes have a smoothie. This can be a fruit smoothie or green smoothie, whatever I desire at the time. Sometimes I have a big salad for lunch instead of fruits or smoothies) and when I really feel perky I have lightly cooked foods like roasted or cooked corn, lightly roasted shitake mushrooms or lightly fried plantain in coconut oil.



DinnerI usually try to eat a large vegetable salad of leaf lettuce (avoid head lettuce because they contain very few nutrients), carrots, peppers, apples, olives, cucumber, broccoli etc. This is usually followed by some cooked food (baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, steamed vegetables, boiled yam, lentil soup, gluten free noodles, raw soups etc.) Later in the evening I usually snack on dried fruit desserts like dates & figs or I occasionally treat myself to other recipes from my recipe book.


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