Eat for Beauty

Over 70 nutritious plant based recipes to help you become healthy and vibrant. Easy to prepare and require simple ingredients. 


Yummy, delicious recipes that help you become healthy & vibrant


Delicious Recipes

Over 70 delicious plant based recipes (cooked and raw); 2) low in fat; 3) only whole foods NO halfs; 4) dairy & sugar free; 5) low in sodium; 6) tons of  nutritional information;   complete shopping list.
Breakfast recipes Breakfast recipes
snacks, smoothies snacks, smoothies
Lunch & Dinner Recipes Lunch & Dinner Recipes
Desserts Desserts
Soups Soups
spreads spreads
Salad Dressings Salad Dressings
Fermented/ Cultured Foods Fermented/ Cultured Foods
& much more & much more


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A Supportive Community to Help Keep You Accountable
I have created a 14 Day Vegan Challenge
 community to help you stay motivated and accountable throughout the process. Join and do the program with others.


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Claire Thomas Claire Thomas, NZ

Hey Dora!  Just wanted to tell you I just bought your book and it is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful design and photography, informative and so easy to follow. Also your passion and enthusiasm are bursting from every page..! Thank you I look forward to trying some of the recipes, so inspired. Love from NZ x

Jazz Green Jazz Green

Feeling quite proud of this so - salad tacos inspired by Dora Naturalvita=^,^= .. I'm only this proud because I never cook!

Karol Karol, Ireland

I find the recipes easy to follow and quick to complete and very tasty. I work long days so I don't always have a lot of time for diet but I still want to eat healthy. I find most of the recipes in the book are quick and easy to make but still really yummy. Thanks Dora for the hard work you put into this.

Jacky Jacky , London

Man! What can I say! Your book is packed with so many delicious and healthy recipes. I teach mathematics and I have used one of the recipes to teach ratio to kids. It's a quality book and I highly recommend it. Thank you 😀

Jessica Ajayi Jessica Ajayi, Naturopath, Nutritionist

"What an awesome book and 14 day challenge! I love all the recipes!! Totally my thing - simple ingredients, easy to make and delicious! I have made several of the recipes and LOOOVE them ... and so do my kids! I also love how you included snap shots of yourself and your friends in this book - makes it so much more personal and I feel as if you are right there with me as I go through the challenge.

Les Cader Les Cader, Naperville Illinois

If you are new to plant based eating (or want to get back on track) this is the programm to sign up for! All you need is here: introduction to the plant based diet, foods to include and avoid, recipes with beautiful pictures and Dorothea!
Absolutely love it!"







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