How To Create Your Own Book

A step by step guide that shows you how to Create, Publish and Promote your own Ebook or Paperback.


Beginners Guide To Create, Promote and Market your own book



I will guide you step by step through this carefully designed course and provide you with over 15 video tutorials that show you how to Plan, Write, Publish and Promote a professional Book to grow your business.










Your Publishing & Marketing Coach

Dorothy Shelton has been helping businesses & individuals from around the world create compelling and effective messages to grow their business and expand their brand for almost 3 years. Starting off as a mentor and teacher on YouTube in 2014, she has provided over 50 video tutorials to help a variety of people improve their business. She has also published two successful books herself and continues to provide one on one business coaching to help leaders all around the world expand their influence.


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Create Your Own Book 


1 Single Payment of $59

Your only charge for this program will be $59 USD. In return for this payment you will have full access to the program, with no further payments.

 Course Testimonials

Denese McAndrew Denese McAndrew, USA

It was always my passion to write, but without the knowledge, tools and skills to do it right and efficiently it was a huge frustration and took me forever to put together what I wanted to share. Now I feel released into an entirely different level of writing and creating digital and printable material! Thank you so much!

Mcloughlin Mcloughlin, Ireland

Great info! Just what I needed before the book launch. thankyou. Love your accent, voice and knowledge. THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THE WAY.

Sandra Galao, London

Thanks you for your detailed and valuable tutorials! you saved me. I have been able to finish my free give away book and set up the form through your step by step instructions. Have a great day!

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