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An invaluable Guide To Create, Promote and Market your Business Effectively to a Wide Audience


Top six reasons to do the course:

a0e2948f944cc883b4cde0ceddfec235_clipart-red-tick-clipart-tick-png_2097-2400 Reach your target audience fast and effectively
 Become location free and work from anywhere
 Have limitless earning and income potential
 Do the things that make you happy
 Break free from the ordinary world
 Quit your job and make more money


  • 1

    Part 1 Mindset & Audience

    Even if every attempt you’ve made to find a good business idea has failed in the past. You will learn how to find a clear niche & positive mindset to make your business a success and target your ideal client.

  • 2

    Part 2 Create Your Website

    Learn how to get your website up and running within 4 days - and for less than $20, without knowing a single thing about building a website! Also, the 5 MUST HAVES to put on your website to convert visitors into clients.

  • 3

    Part 3 Social Media Marketing

    Learn the best methods to attract web-traffic (visitors) to your website quickly and easily. Discover how to create a successful YouTube Channel and other social media platforms from zero to hero & how I make over $1000 a month from YouTube earnings alone.

  • 4

    Part 4 Grow, Grow, Grow

    Learn how to set up an email list step by step; how to gain your first 1000 subscribers speedily, and the most effective ways to use email marketing to build trust and encourage people to invest in themselves - and buy from YOU!

  • 5

    Part 5 Create Your Own Products

    Learn how to create some of the most successful products and services that your customers will LOVE. For instance, I'll show you in detail how to create, publish and market your own best selling Ebook/paperback and how to effectively market other services you want to offer.

  • 6

    Part 6 Great Marketing Tips

    I'll break the marketing process down into easy-to-implement steps and address the 15 elements to drive traffic to your website and other social media platforms without being “salesy” or “pushy” in any way.


"Dorothy Shelton has been helping businesses & individuals from around the world create compelling and effective messages to grow their business and expand their brand for almost 3 years. Starting off as a mentor and teacher on YouTube in 2014, she has provided over 50 video tutorials to help a variety of people improve their business. She has also published two successful books herself and continues to provide one on one business coaching to help leaders all around the world expand their influence".

Live Your Purpose Membership


1 Single Payment of $299

Your only charge for this program will be $299 USD. In return for this payment you will have full access to the program, with no further payments.

Live Your Purpose Membership


3 Monthly Payments of $115

Your initial charge will be $115 USD, you'll then be charged $115 USD on a monthly basis for 2 months in total. In return you'll have full access to the course.

 Course Testimonials

Jessica Ajayi Jessica Ajayi, Nutritionist, Blogger

Everything in your course really helps me tremendously, especially for the price you are offering it! I just created a beginners food guidelines to the whole food plant based life. It just took me a couple of days and will be available on my website next week. I am considering to re-do my other two books as well ... I am so excited now about writing books (free and for sale!) and to continue growing on YouTube and with my blog. Well worth every penny

Denese McAndrew Denese McAndrew, Essential Oils Advocate, USA

Dorothy is a wonderful business expert.  I find her to be a caring business leader with a heart of gold.  Her passion for life and desire to help others is contagious.  This same love of life and people is reflected in her course.  Since starting the course I have been able to set up a fully functioning website and newsletter. My clientele is growing everyday and I am more focused and clear about my goals. Thanks Dorothy for your commitment to seeing others thrive.

Karol Karol, YouTuber / Artist , Ireland

Dorothy's business school has assisted me so much to get a clear picture of what I really want and need to do. After so much confusion I was able to start a website, to use YouTube and Facebook properly and to gain subscribers.

Ana Ana, DIY Crafts, London

You get clear structures and useful strategies, heaps of first hand practical experience and a genuine honesty with numerous authentic videos of somebody, who has done all this herself and is very successful with it! My etsy store is growing month by month and the sales are increasing rapidly. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have learnt. Click DIY Crafts to see my work.

Charlie Charlie , DJ, Presenter, Kenya

Without Dora and the community support and the continuous encouragement, I wouldn’t have stayed on track. My life turned around 180 degrees, thanks to her amazing teaching skills and invaluable info. She helped me set up my YouTube channel and adsense account which was so confusing to me. I have also reached my goal of presenting on TV, for which I can't be more grateful about.

Jole Jole, Wellness Advocate, USA

I reached out to Dorothy seeking clarity in the planning stage of my business. Her guidance helped me to hone in on what my initial focus should be, and the marketing advice I received was outstanding. Now I feel more prepared to put my ideas into action. I'm so grateful for her expertise.- Jole, USA

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This valuable course provides a unique and fun learning experience. Each lesson contains a a range of multimedia options.

  • HD Video

    Each module session is delivered by High Definition video for you to watch online, the video expands to widescreen.

  • Lesson Notes

    Most of the lessons inside our programs include valuable PDF handouts to support the video learning.

  • Links to Extra Tutorials

    Most lessons include extra video links that provide step by step video tutorials on how to implement what you learn in the lesson

  • Q & A Calls

    3 live Q&A sessions with me over a period of 1 year where you can ask me any question and share your progress.

  • Community

    Get invaluable support from other members of the course through our closed facebook group.


Live Your Purpose Membership


1 Single Payment of $299

Your only charge for this program will be $299 USD. In return for this payment you will have full access to the program, with no further payments.

Live Your Purpose Membership


3 Monthly Payments of $115

Your initial charge will be $115 USD, you'll then be charged $115 USD on a monthly basis for 2 months in total. In return you'll have full access to the course.

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