Dora’s View on Life

Hello, it’s Dora again!

More and more people are curious and desperate to find a better way of life.IMG_0957resized The information about healthy eating and living which has been obscured for many years is becoming more and more widely accessible and abundant. Even I, from a very young age have been influenced by a healthy lifestyle through my dad. Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I decided to find this prized knowledge and share it with the world as many more enthusiast do today as well. I hope this website finds you well and can bring valuable information to you and your loved ones 🙂


When I mentioned to a friend that I was going to start writing and blogging about wholesome living, she said it would benefit vegans and vegetarians alike but it wouldn’t be suitable for conventional food eaters who didn’t have any serious health issues. This got me thinking. I know from personal experience that I didn’t have any serious health issues apart from skin allergies, dry mouth and bloatedness. So why was I on this truth seeking journey? I knew, for one, that as I was getting older, and my friends and family too, more illnesses and health related problems were becoming more frequent. My gut feeling was that we were surely destined to be more than just OK. Were we brought into this world just to get by or to THRIVE? This question has led to explore healthier alternatives for eating, living and much more.

Spiritual Health

This question has always been on my mind, not just in terms of food but also spiritually and humanly. Do we really have to suffer? Are we really separate from everyone and everything, or is there a connectedness that has been lost? When I was a child, I grew up in a Christian environment, first under the care of loving nuns and then in loving care of my dad’s relatives in Nigeria. All this while, deep within, I thought “there is much talk about love; love for God, love for neighbor, love for nature” Even then, I vowed to try to pursue love, to practice it, to be alert when it was required, to be consumed. Although I have made mistakes along the way, these experiences have taught me the basic principle of suffering and non-suffering. The principle of separateness and unity, greed and the deep knowing that everything we poses is a gift and doesn’t really belong to us, the principle of love and fear.

When I look at my journey, the journey to better health on a physical level but also on a spiritual level, I realize that they are not separate from each other. They are intrinsically connected. The beauty is that it is not difficult, it is very simple, this message of thriving. Realizing and living in connection to everything and everyone else.DSC01425

Truth is simple! The true things in life are very simple. On the level of food, good physical health is made up of very simple foods – best in their natural RAW state – containing all the essential nutrients and enzymes needed for us to thrive. 

True mental /emotional health is simple. Realizing the oneness with everything else and living it. Being aware and giving each situation your full attention. Not getting attached to thoughts. I like the way Ekart Tolle put it “do not take your thoughts too seriously”. They are just thoughts, maybe conditioned echoes of your past. You are not your thoughts but the awareness that they exist. Knowing this and applying this principle has since helped me to be much calmer inside, especially when a negative thought comes into my mind. I know now that I am not my thoughts so I don’t attach myself to them. I simply let it pass or just observe it. However, it is also important to forgive yourself freely when you get carried away by negative thinking. Something I have learnt along the way whilst seeking peace, is to forgive myself. You will be lost in thought many more times after you may decide to give things your full attention but when this happens it is important to laugh about it. Don’t take yourself so seriously. This is the beauty of life. It is not as serious as we imagine it to be. I read somewhere once that “the Buddha is sometimes portrayed as fat and smiling because he doesn’t take life too seriously”. Whether this is true or not it is a good mental reminder of what’s important.   We are, to some degree like a ball being tossed from here to there, the less you resist the push of life the more you will reach where you need to go. But one must never forget to love. Love conquers everything, it never fails.


True living is living a simple lifestyle. The less attachment to things the better. It reminds me of a song I used to love in the 90s (more money we come across the more problems we see). I don’t know if I agree with that statement entirely.  Is money the enemy or our attitude towards it? One may have abundance but how does one view this abundance. Is it something you fear to lose? Does it bring paranoia and hate? Does it completely consume you?

I love the statement of Jesus when he says “keep your eye simple and your whole body will be bright”. It is a simple statement but carries much weight. When you can accept the ‘come’ and ‘go’ of all things. Loving life no matter your situation, receiving and showing love every day. Truly seeing, opening one’s eyes to the beauty that is all around us. Making sure that objects and people are not a means to an end. Knowing that the journey is always more important than the destination. Hence, cherishing each moment and not forgetting to love 🙂

Maybe, In essence becoming a child again and again each day